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Sean Nelson in Nashville, 3-18 [09 Mar 2007|12:16pm]

Attention, people in the Southeast/Midwest!

Sean Nelson writes in his blog:

"I'll be doing some shows with Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3 in the coming months, both as an opening act (performing with Mark Nichols on piano as Sean Nelson and His Mortal Enemies) and as a member of the V3 (I am the official 5th Venusian). These are the first "solo" shows I will have done in several years. Sets will include my own songs, some Nelson Sings Nilsson stuff, some Harvey Danger stuff, and some other stuff. It would please me if you were there."

One of the dates is Nashville, at the Belcourt Theatre, March 18 at 8:00. I'm going alone (it's hard to get road-trip buddies for a Sunday night Nashville show, when you live in Atlanta) and would LOVE to be joined by other Harvey Danger fans. Anybody interested?

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[29 Sep 2006|01:16am]

My flights are planned, my hotel room is booked, and my concert ticket is purchased.

I'm flying to Chicago in 36 hours to see Harvey Danger!

(Two firsts this weekend: My first totally-on-a-whim weekend flight, and my first Harvey Danger concert. Ohhhh yeah.)

Anybody else going to be at this show? Anybody been to one of their shows on this tour so far? I'm hearing that this tour is kicking ass.

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Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco, 8/10/06, physical artifacts [14 Aug 2006|03:44am]

I am on the lookout for any kind of physical evidence (pictures, recordings, other, all of the above) from August 10th's performance @ Cafe Du Nord. My expired throw away camera pictures came out, but not the ones of me on stage so I am relying on the kindness of strangers. Also, if anyone has any ideas as to where else I can post this plea, that would also be greatly appreciated. That show was such an amazing experience.

Double brownie points go to anyone with physical evidence of when I got to be onstage and sing with the band. I appreciate all of your help; and spread this to any friends/acquaintances/enemies who were at the show as well.

Thanks again so much,
Jordan (veganbatjordan at gmail dot com)

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OMGz I'M NEW!!! [16 Jan 2006|10:46pm]

I AM!!!
Harvey Danger is fantabulous. I cannot express how much I like them...
I saw them at Bumbershoot...and then at the Christmas In The Northwest tv thing, my and my friend were at the taping and Sean invited us up on stage to dance...
My favorite songs are War Buddies and Happiness Writes White, also Diminishing Returns and Little Round Mirrors....
They are all brilliant, of course, though.
UHYEAH, SO i'm new, from Seattle, 14 yo, girl...what else should i say...?
ANYWAY. Pshyeah HD rocks.

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[26 Nov 2005|12:54am]

Greetings.. Just joined a moment ago.

It really makes me happy to see that someone has made a community for harvey danger, a band that has been sorely underappreciated over the years. I've been a devoted fan of theirs since I first heard flagpole sitta, and I can't express what a relief it is to see them making music again. I can only hope that their "experiment" of free album downloads will succeed in giving them the exposure that they deserve.

Little by Little is phenomenal.. much better than I had anticipated. My only gripe is that it leaves me wanting more. :p

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58,000 Downloads! [05 Oct 2005|12:07pm]

I got the newest HD newsletter today - read it and WEEP!
Or cheer.
Cheering's probably better.

Harvey Danger news: 58,000 downloads and countingCollapse )

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Because you just never know who else is on the mailing list. [05 Aug 2005|02:23pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Straight outta the mouth of... um, the mailing list newsletter thingie:

"Hello and greetings!

There’s so much news to tell you about, that we’ll skip the formalities and get right to it. Where to start? How about:

New album to be released Sept. 13

We're pleased to announce the release of our third record, Little By Little..., will be officially released on Tuesday, September 13. Recorded in Seattle, produced by John Goodmanson (Sleater-Kinney, Blonde Redhead, Blood Brothers, HD) and Steve Fisk (Beat Happening, Low, Screaming Trees, Nirvana), Little By Little... is the band's first LP in five years -- five years and one day, to be exact.

The physical copy of the album will include a second bonus CD containing album B-sides, bonus tracks, and outtakes in a deluxe dual-CD package. It will be available for purchase in select stores, and we will soon be taking preorders through the soon-to-be-up online store.

We are also very excited to announce that Little By Little... will be made available several weeks later, on September 27, as a free download on the Internet. This is a big announcement for us, and we will give more details on this soon.

Lots of shows and appearances scheduled

The release of Little By Little... will be accompanied by a grip of shows and in-store performances in and around Seattle -- some are all-ages, some are not; some are free, some are not. They will all be fun, however.

Saturday Aug 6: Crocodile Café (Seattle, WA), w/Razrez, Ghost Story. 21+
Saturday, Sept 3: Easy Street Records Queen Anne (Seattle, WA), in-store appearance, time TBA
Saturday, Sept 3: Seattle Center Exhibition Hall (Seattle, WA), 7pm, as part of Bumbershoot
Saturday, Sept 17: Sonic Boom Records (Seattle, WA) in-store appearances, details TBA
Saturday, Sept 24: Fremont Oktoberfest (Seattle, WA), time/details TBA,
Saturday, Oct 15: Crocodile Café (Seattle, WA), all-ages CD release show.
Saturday, October 22: Vera Project, All-ages CD release show, with Holy Ghost Revival, Racetrack, and other special guests.

The schedule is subject to change, of course, but you can always get the most up-to-date information by visiting the new band website, at http://www.harveydanger.com/"

5 long years are about to be OVER.

Just thought I'd (hopefully?) put some happiness on your friends page to contrast all the lj drama out there.

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[26 May 2005|05:14pm]

People should really update more...

Anyone from/near Seattle and know when they might be doing that postponed Triple Door show? Or if they're going on tour anytime after that?

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[22 Feb 2005|03:46pm]

title or description

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[22 Feb 2005|03:35pm]

title or description

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[21 Feb 2005|08:27pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I'm really bored.
This really makes me happy to have found this community, though it doesn't seem to active.
But if people are reading this then Hey.
I'm 18 and Harvey Danger has been my favorite band since the first CD and my older sister listened to it.

I saw people were talking about their favorite lyrics and whatnot. So I will too.
My favorite song is wrecking ball.
One thing I wrote in my senior write up for the yearbook this year was the lyric "but one thing's sure: there's always more information than you ask for. ask for this: just enough knowledge to know i don't know anything,anything,anything" I think it sums things up.
I'm soon getting a neat tattoo that I thought of that incorporates the lyric "run from nowhere, nowhere follows you"
But I love every single song like crazy.

So yeah, I've met maybe only one person that liked them around where I am.

I guess I'll end there.

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Favorite lyric [20 Feb 2005|09:56am]

So what's everyone's favorite Harvey Danger lyric? Mine is:

"I forget what my friends looks like, and they forget why they like me, but that's old hat, i'm so happy, how do you write about that?"

That should be my senior quote...

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[06 Feb 2005|08:58pm]

Hi folks. Doesn't seem like much goes on around here, and I'm not all too shocked, being HD has been on hiatus for so long. Anyway, my name is Jon--I've been a fan since "Flagpole Sitta" and still am to this day. I'm awaiting the third (and sadly final) artwork. A little interesting fact I pride myself in is the compilation video HD sells--I was the one who suggested they make such a thing on the old message board. ^_^; What can I say? I like to brag.

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woop... [01 Dec 2004|02:42am]

hey everyone, my name is joie and i'm a harvoholic. and i like to think that right about now at least a few of you are saying aloud, "hi, joie."

anyway, that's enough of that... i'm kinda new to the whole joining a community thing, so i don't really know what i'm doing. so if you all should decide to stone me and demand that i leave this community immediately, i will, but... please don't. =( lol

ok, pardon me for being stupid.

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Lost songs [29 Sep 2004|10:26pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

Okay I used to have the following songs:

The Ballad of the Tragic Hero (Pity and Fear)
Sometimes you have to work on xmas
Save it for later

Unfortunately my MP3 player was stolen...so I'm dying trying to find those songs, especially Ballad of the Tragic Hero...

Can anyone help?

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new songs. [06 Aug 2004|08:30pm]

[ mood | okay ]

so i hear from the message board that there are new songs kickin around. anyone know anything about these? or where we can get them?

also, does anyone know if you can still buy things off of http://www.blarg.net/~hdanger/store/?

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I noticed the site update from a few months ago.... [03 Aug 2004|03:40am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

But it's not enough...what's up? When's the new album? What are your upcoming show dates? Any in the So. Cali area? I must know....I've been such a loyal and patient fan...and I was joyed so much to hear that it wasn't the end for the band because I was getting worried I'd never hear from them again.

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[06 Jun 2004|07:17pm]

For the longest time, everytime I heard Pike St./Park Slope, I thought "Maybe we could run away and start a little repertory moviehouse of something.. She said: Sorry but I think you might be just projecting on to me. why don't you try a lay?" was being said. Well it turns out that it really says, "Why don't you try LA?" Well I feel sheepish. :)

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THE Harvey Danger Entry [25 Apr 2004|08:15pm]

This has probably been the the best day yet in the history of this band. Except maybe the day a nine-year-old kid said to me, "I got my tongue pierced because of you."

ninety-five times.

in one day.

Just some random points on the Harvey show on April 21st:
the adjectives, everywhereCollapse )

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Oooooh baby! [17 Apr 2004|06:02pm]

If you live here in Western Washington State. Turn you bitch-ass radio's to KEXP at 8:00. Harvey Danger is going to play....whoa, WHOA!

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